Google Map Maker in Montreal

I got to attend one of Google’s regional Map Maker conferences in Montreal this weekend. It was a great time. I learned a lot and got to meet a bunch of other dedicated mappers along with some of the team that works on the project.

One of the sessions I chose was biking concerns in map maker. I already knew it was a complicated issue. There are a lot of different kinds of cyclists. Some people prefer bike trails, some are unphased by traffic.

I actually had the opportunity to suggest to one of the engineers that it would be really really handy for cyclists to be able to choose and option for “only paved roads” when using google biking directions. After all, ┬ásince I try to mark all the unpaved roads I encounter while riding, I would like that data to be able to benefit someone, and also me. He seemed to think it was a good idea. Hopefully he wasn’t just humoring me.

I also chose a couple of sessions on map ups. So if anyone wants to learn about map maker, let me know. I am happy to evangelize at you or just tell you what you want to know. Your choice.

I brought my folding bike with me but there really wasn’t time to do much exploring on my own. I think I would like to go back again sometime and drag Brian with me. I think he’d like it a lot and he actually speaks some French. I barely speak English.

My bike training plan did suffer because of this trip. Somehow I’m going to get back on track tomorrow.

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