Row Row Row Your Boat

I know I haven’t written anything here lately. I think I get pulled in too many different directions. All the social media outlets seem to dilute my need to broadcast about my day to day life here.

I started learning rowing. So far, I’ve learned rowing is not as easy as a non-rower might think. The college where I work at arranged a lunch time “learn to row” thing. Three days a week a bunch of us drive over to the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center and drag oars through shallow pools of water. Quite a lot of time is spent on rowing machines focusing on form, and for me, being forced to look my abysmal posture in the eye. Maybe it will help with that. Right now my posture hurts.

Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center

It’s fun but I don’t think it’s something I’d pursue on my own. Hopefully it will make me a better cyclist in some way.

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