Awesome New Fallout Lamp

At our solstice party a week or so ago I was completely surprised when one of our friends brought us one of the coolest things ever… a Fallout 3 themed lamp. He makes custom lamps from recycled and found materials.

You should check out his stuff at Salvation Lamps.

This lamp really is perfect and fits my sense of style exactly. It is one of my favorite things ever now.

The other neat thing is that it lights the room just like the lighting in Fallout 3. The solid lampshade keeps the light low and makes the room feel kind of cozy in my little post apocalyptic universe.

Tons of cool details:

In my weird office space:

Passing Cat Inspection:

Also we found Nuka Cola caps hidden in a few places later on. It was kind of like being in the game.

Thanks @JayFoldsFive. It’s the most awesome thing ever.

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