Bus Driver Rotation

My bus route has had an awesome morning driver for at least the past two months. He’s a really nice guy & you can tell he’s a person who just genuinely really likes people. I genuinely like some people. His attitude sort of reminds me of the TMBG line “I love the world & if I have to sue for custody. I will sue for custody.” Also he’s a cyclist so he doesn’t get at all annoyed at the extra 30 seconds it takes to get your bike on the rack before you get on. Unfortunately today is his last day on our route. I am sad.

Apparently our new driver is named James & he makes barbeque sauce.

New drivers always need breaking in. They have to learn everyone’s double secret stops… (my stop, the guy who get’s off at the quick fill, the guy who gets off in the middle of nowhere, the guy who gets off after the pink & purple house.)  Actually I think it’s harder for the morning guys because there are a lot of folks on my route that get on at odd spots that aren’t actually bus stops. Everyone on the bus coaches the new people for the first week. “Oh… you have to stop up here… just 50 yards past the chainsaw sculpture.”