So last night when I got home Team Fortress 2 was downloaded. I didn’t end up playing it for a couple reasons.

  1. They were doing maintenance or something on the server
  2. I wanted to practice playing against Brian on a lan connection before joining some online game & spending the entire game running against a walls while I tried to learn how the movement works & shooting my own team while I figure out how the weapons work. Brian was studying and was unavailable.
  3. I haven’t thought up a cool name yet.

I got a package with a couple other games so I played one of those instead. Brian suggested that I could get the hang of the movement with Portal because that works roughly the same as in Team Fortress 2. Portal is great. It’s a puzzle game. You shoot portals into walls and try to figure out how to use those to navigate through the levels. It’s hard to describe, but beyond just having clever & challenging puzzles the “computer” that talks to you during the game is hilarious.

Anyway, I love Portal. I hope I will love Team Fortress 2 too.

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